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The Rat Race in the New Normal

New Normal! This whole superficial post Covid19 world that everybody is hoping to arrive at in a few months is fueling great expectations. Almost giving the feeling of what in Indian mythology they call is end of one yuga and the beginning of a new one.

Traditionally in Indian mythology, the end of one yuga starts when the unrest in the world is at it’s peak. Laced with unreasonable human desires and greed, people have forgotten all moral and virtue. This is when a great epidemic comes. It clear the existing filth and gives rise to a new world order – A New Normal maybe? We have seen this in the past – the great flood, the great depression, spanish flu – so is this Covid19 also a beginning for a ‘new normal’?

Well, one can’t deny that ‘unreasonable human desires and greed’ was at it’s peak before the Covid arrived. There was a rat race and everybody wanted to win it. People had to involuntarily participate in that rat race, because sitting on the fence meant a loss of livelihood and eventually existence. The world was too fast for itself, so fast, even the earth with a million years of experience couldn’t keep pace with it.

So here we are now, right in the center of this ‘great transition’. Looking face front in the eyes of the ‘New Normal’. We have spent over 2 months at home, spending time with family, practicing our hobbies, concentrating on our health and fitness and being in the peak of our mental health – all while maintaining a daily 6-10 hour work day. So much for not having time, eh?

Clearly there are some things we learnt – like we don’t need a lot to be happy. We also don’t need those fancy dinner parties and drink soirees to maintain relationships, and we can surely save a humongous amount of therapy money by simply not looking at our bosses. Great isn’t it? so what is the ‘new rat race’ going to look like?

Well, for starters – money is going to become less of a priority and more of a wish. Sure the greed will still remain, but it won’t drag with it the people whose end goal is not CEO. The rat race in the new normal is going to be a race to fulfill non monetary goals. Spend more time on personal wellness, travel far and wide, remove time for family and friends. In the new normal family and hobbies will not have to compromise because of a mindless email or PPT. In the new normal, there will be truer friendships, deeper relationships and better social responsibility.

And this is not because people will stop earning money. Money is well, ‘essential’ so that is always going to be there – but the mad race for earning that money, where you trample everything beneath your foot to earn that one good recommendation or one smile from your thank less boss is not going to be there anymore.

Zen mode, is going to be a real thing – and that is going to happen thanks to a change in personal mindsets, attitudes and priorities. Your boss, your job, your industry, your profession – all of it is still going to be the same. But what is going to change is YOU.

Covid has given people a time to meet their true self, the self they had lost due to the innate competition in the surroundings, and well they never even found the time to find it again. A now since, its here – it’s not going anywhere.

So yeah! Rat race in the new normal is going to be the one with yourself. The one where you’re going to compete on levels of happiness, wellness, mental and physical health, family and relationships. The one where you’re going to strive to be better than yesterday on these parameters. and the one where you may also be rich, but by doing what you truly like.

So best of luck to all of us for this New Normal. It may take some time, but it will come. And we owe it to ourselves this time to make sure we make it worth the quarantine period and live and love harder than ever.


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