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Is coding going to be the life skill of tomorrow?

I was stretching on a white sand beach in Goa when I came across Sasha. She was a lawyer turned ‘digital nomad’ from Germany who was scribbling gibberish notes in her log book while watching a video intently. She said she was trying to learn how to code. To a layman like me, it meant some complex computer term driven with algorithms which only made sense to nerdy professionals and not to people like me – who well, just knew the basics of how to use a computer. As I spoke to her, I realised that professionals from diverse fields are slowly becoming digital savvy and the one skill that they are not shying away from adapting is – Coding.

It got me thinking – considering the way these professionals all over were embracing coding – is this going to be a life skill of tomorrow? Are schools going to teach coding along with reading and writing? Is coding going to become a larger than life aspect while judging a persons professional competency?

The last decade saw the biggest digital revolution ever with software and apps mushrooming for anything and everything. From personal finance to shopping there was an app to answer every question. In the midst of this what one can notice is that – some of the biggest apps of the last decade were made by creators who were total newbies to coding or who learnt coding through videos on the internet.

Like how computers as a subject was introduced in schools in the early 2000s to familiarise students with the use of information technology, in the future coding is going to be introduced at grass root level in educational curriculums to familiarise students with the basics of the subject. Considering the stand, one should agree that it is a wise move. Considering how coding is becoming an increasingly vital part of our daily life – though it may not be equated to reading and writing it very well has the potential to be a parameter in enhancing ones professional standing.

Drawing parallels from the 2000s again – professionals no matter how illustrious an academic background were quizzed, and zeroed down or rejected for a position based on their computer proficiency. In a dynamic rapidly changing world – when the new decade is all about technology, adaptation, artificial intelligence and machine learning – it is the safest bet to assume that coding is going to give professionals an edge above.

Previously known as a wand in the hand of aspiring software developers, coding is no longer limited to that. With company’s recognising the need for digitalisation and opening more positions for professionals with technological abilities – it becomes pertinent that young adults make this a part of their growing years.

To conclude and answer the question – is coding going to become the life skill of tomorrow. Well, it is safe to say that YES! It will. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not this year – but 5-8 years down the line coding is making way into our daily lives. In fact, a number of countries have already accepted this fact as early as today and incorporated a comprehensive syllabus on computer systems and coding in their curriculum for school students.


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