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Listen To Your Gut: Here’s How To Achieve A Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle

gut health

By Dr Manoj Kutteri, Director & Chief Healing Officer, Atmantan Naturals

The wellness journey to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle starts primarily from a healthy gut. Our stomach is the first pit stop that defines proper nutrient absorption in our body, after which the hydrochloric acid and several enzymes breakdown the food to aid in further digestion. Unfortunately, many a times, we neglect the well being of the belly and take its normal functioning for granted.

Dr. Manoj Kutteri, Atmantan Wellness

Dr Manoj Kutteri, Director & Chief Healing Officer, Atmantan Naturals

It’s true when we say listen to your body; yes, it does talk to us through the many signs it gives from time to time – which we usually call symptoms; some of which could be momentary or last longer. These symptoms can happen mainly due to nutritional deficiencies and absorption of specific food items regardless of regular exercise and stress free lifestyle.

Diet is an integral part of being young. It is extremely important to take care of one’s body during the period of growing and it is equally important to maintain this for continued health enhancement. A balanced meal plan is critically important during this phase and for this it is advisable to eat a variety of food from the major five food groups. A diet rich in micronutrients, phytonutrients and fibre are important for maintaining a positive lifestyle. This balanced meal plan and nutrition awareness should begin early in the childhood for us to build a positive lifestyle.

Eating a balanced diet with essential nutrients is not about stringent dietary restrictions, or depriving yourself of the foods you love with an aim to set unrealistic weight targets. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, improving your personal health, stabilizing your mood and leading a good social life. Once we have a fair knowledge about healthy eating, it will be easy to create a diverse, tasty, and nutrient dense meal that not only nourish your body but your mind too. Thus below are some factors one should keep in mind to achieve optimal health through balanced eating

1. Know your needs

The requirement of nutrition depends on one’s lifestyle. Understanding your resting metabolic rate (RMR) will be a good indicator to know the calorie requirement for you. Also each person will have additional nutrient requirements based on their health conditions. It is important to know what your health aspiration are so that one can plan both macro and micro nutrients for a better meal planning

2. Eat locally

Eating food from your local geographical area has many advantages and this is far better than eating imported organic produces. Locally grown food will be full of flavours and more nutritious. When you consume food in your locality, it means you are also eating seasonal foods. Our body is also more tuned to digesting foods that are grown in our surroundings

3. Choose wholesome foods

Wholesome plant based foods are found to be extremely supportive in not only prevention of lifestyle induced disorders but also in reversal of many of these diseases. This includes whole grains, lentils, beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits and indigenous herbs and spices.

4. Replace the unhealthy with healthy substitutes

We often find it difficult to follow dietary restrictions. However, you can look for healthy substitutes to ensure you please your taste buds while being healthy. Avoid all refined products such as maida, sugar and pasteurized diary etc. you can have gluten free swaps, low sugar swaps, low sodium swaps, vegan swaps, fibre rich swaps, and natural protein swaps etc.

5. Retain nutrients with healthy cooking methods

Different cooking methods have varied health benefits; they also help us to retain the nutrient value in the food that we eat. Raw dieting has been known as a popular dietary pattern for many health conditions, however not everyone can digest these foods. One has to also understand their body type before sticking on to any meal preparations. The various healthy modes of food preparation are raw, sprouting, steaming, grilling, sautéing and cooking in low flame.

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