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Covid19 : All The Big Winners after this Ends

The world is in the 6 month of the Covid19 pandemic. India in the 8th week. There is no mystery or doubt here. The virus has not only affected life on earth, but is also significantly impairing business and livelihood. Each day at a time.

In the last few weeks, we have seen some of the most stable companies in India facing impromptu pay cuts or lay offs. There is a blood bath in the Indian corporate sector. However, even though most businesses are shut, there are some that are just going to rise from here. These are the lone warriors that will survive, even shine. But who are these? Which are the sectors that are actually making hay while the sun shines?

The Covid19 leaderboard comes with a twist. Here, there is a competition. Traditional business are clashing with new age minds. So what is it actually looking like?

  1. E-commerce – No points for guessing – E-commerce is the ONLY sector that is actually built on the principle of social distancing. Tech driven companies with zero human interaction and on click services are going to be the biggest winners out of this pandemic of the 21st century.

  2. Logistics – In a domino effect from E-commerce, logistic companies are the ones making money even when there is a lock down, these guys are only going to have inflated business activity from hereon. With most businesses going online (see – cost cutting, easier management) – Logistics players are going to be an integral part of the economy in the new normal.

  3. E-Learning platforms – Social distancing is going to be the mantra in a post Covid19 world. Hence, e-learning platforms offering online education and companies creating portals and modules facilitating remote education are going to be end up with an interesting upswing in opportunities.

  4. SaaS and Internet Security Companies – The huge cloud of SaaS companies is well looking at a major growth in business numbers. These are basically companies that provide software as a service. Look around, and these services comprise 90% of all the things you have used to get through your quarantine. From Netflix and Chill to coordinating with your colleagues over Microsoft Teams. Even well a romantic date – night on zoom! These are all SaaS companies, and the demand for these are just going to grow in the months to come. Keep your coder friends close – you might not find them later.

  5. Online media and entertainment – News websites, gaming companies, social media apps, dating apps – all here to stay for the big win!

  6. Fintech, Edtech, Medtech – This is every company that can derive a service model without needing human interaction. Money, finance, healthcare and education – if can be done at a click of a button without any documentation or face to face conversation. It is here for the win!

With work from home becoming a reality (also loved and appreciated), a lot of things for businesses will change. WFH essentially gives people more hours of me time than they had before. Thus, we will also happen to see an upswing in home gyms, online gym models, furniture e-commerce and internet service providers.

What do you think? What according to you are going to be the best performing sectors in a post Covid19 world?

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