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Coconut Shell Powder: The Best Natural Skin Purifier for a Festive Glow

coconut shell powder

This article has been contributed by Ms Mansi Vyas & Aditi Vyas, Co-Founder, Azafran

As the name suggests, Coconut Shell Powder is made from an extremely durable and versatile part of the coconut – it’s hard outer shell. This powder is similar in composition to natural hardwood. First broken into pieces and completely cleansed of any sharp matter stuck to the surface, the coconut shells are pulverized in a machine that breaks it down to fine-grained residue. In order to obtain a beautifully purified finished component, the coconuts must be matured and of very high quality.

Increasingly, Coconut Shell Powder is used in skin products as experts discover its beneficial qualities day-by-day. A few reasons why Coconut Shell Powder is used in skin creams, face scrubs, face washes and other skincare products are:

1. Coconut Shell Powder as a Natural Exfoliator:

The powder, when mixed with other ingredients, acts as a natural exfoliator that helps in cleaning, healing and moisturizing the skin. It is an effective tool for overall skin and especially, face rejuvenation. Despite its harsh-sounding name, products that contain shell powder can be used everyday as they can be surprisingly gentle while exfoliating. It can also lighten the skin as it removes dark spots or dead skin, and clean out your pores, effectively eliminating bacteria and other impurities. For people with oily skin, it can balance excess secretion and close all the open pores.

2. Age Backwards:

As coconut itself has many anti-aging properties, it should come as no surprise that coconut shell powder helps in preventing aging lines on the face, by allowing the skin to breathe and drawing out radiance from deep within. By slowing down the aging process, the powder gives your skin a healthy boost and supple afterglow. It can also remove dull flaky skin that lives on the outer surface and diminish fine lines, so that the inner, more nourished skin can shine while ensuring an even skin tone.

3. Socially Conscious:

Coconut Shell Powder is great for one very important reason – it can function as an environment-friendly alternative to hazardous elements like plastic microbeads. It is the ideal choice for any brand or company that wishes to lessen their environmental waste burden and promotes a socially conscious mindset.

4. Erase Blemishes:

The powder is adept at removing blemishes, acne scars, dark spots and hyperpigmentation without damaging the skin or putting it through a coarse treatment. Achieving better and faster results, this addition to a skin scrub or face wash is a safe and definite way of attaining smooth skin

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