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About Us

RainMoney.in is a personal project born out of an undying love and passion for creating long form content. This and nothing else.

On my journey trying to know myself, I tried to do a lot of different things – but the only thing that genuinely made me happy was to write, develop and curate content from different spheres. 

With a motive to write for MYSELF, I created this space – to tell stories to the world that I believe should be heard. I wanted to share information and insights that have kept me awake at night and tell you about experiences that help you chart the course of your future. 

You can call this a blog, a website, a personal diary or whatever you like – but for me this is a place where i am myself. 

So welcome to my world!  

Professionally, I am a content strategist that can transform your brand story 360 degrees with the help of content and ideas – specially developed to drive growth. While my core expertise is finance and economy, I have worked across sectors in the past and would be more than happy to speak to you about how I can change the narrative for your brand.    

For feedback, suggestions, contributions and collaborations please write to me at info@rainmoney.in cc zabmotor@gmail.com

RainMoney.in (www.rainmoney.in) will also be happy to run advertisements and sponsored native posts from brands that align with my ethos. I have a loyal reader base on this digital portal as well as highly engaged followers on my personal social media accounts that can be leveraged to promote your brand effectively.

In order to discuss any marketing and promotional activities through Rainmoney.in – feel free to reach out to the team:

⇝ I work globally as a freelance content marketing consultant and strategist. To work with me on content writing projects, speakership opportunities, mentorship, collaborations & press inquiries: zabeen@rainmoney.in cc zabmotor@gmail.com

⇝ To subscribe to Zabeen Motorwala’s resources: www.linktr.ee/zabeenmotorwala

⇝ There is a free knowledge series hosted once a week on a mutually decided platform to network, share insights and learn new developments – you can sign up for this by filling in this google form. 


Thank you,

Zabeen Motorwala,