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5 Key Advancements in Artificial Intelligence To Watch Out For

artificial intelligence

This article is contributed by Dipesh Malhotra


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending topics of the 21st century. Robots are everywhere. However! The general fear still remains  that robots take over the world. But that’s a far cry. As of today, no self-functioning robot has come into existence. So then, what are the key advancements that Artificial Intelligence will see in the coming years?

1. Humanoid robots are closer to reality : Have you heard about a robot called Sophie? It’s a realistic human-looking robot. Many TV channels all over the world have broadcasted talking to her. Sophie’s face is based upon Audrey Hepburn, an old-school American actress. Many other robots also exist, but not all have had the publicity like Sophie. She’s quite famous among TV personnel!

2. Natural Language processing is advancing: Natural Language Processing has advanced over the past 3 decades. Before the 2000s, NLP was majorly rule-based. A programmer used to put in rules to make sense of the text. This required too much coding. It was a hassle. Programmers eventually found an easier way. Probability and statistics-based methods came into the picture. An A. I program was now built and ‘trained’ on the test data. This ‘training’ was done based on the best pattern match. This allowed AI to infer the data and ‘learn’ from it. Pattern matching required higher computation power. This power came from video games. Video games demanded better computation. This demand for better computation led to the advancement of graphic processing units (GPUs). These GPUs then helped reduce the computation time for AI algorithms. This led to the wide adoption of probability and statistics. Thus NLP made a huge leap into another dimension.

3. Video games are inculcating smart AI: Many video games have used AI. Have you ever played chess against a computer? Guess what? It was an AI you were playing against. Many games such as Civilization, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and Halo have used AI in their worlds. Interactable AI is the way of the future. This means that in the future, games will have AI that can learn, re-learn and interact with their human companion. Video games may have AI enemies or AI companions. Either way, interacting with an AI will be fun!

4. Self-driven AI cars: Self-driving cars have become the latest fad of the 21st century. Many companies such as Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, Audi, and Ford are developing or conceptualizing self-driven cars. Tesla has already established a name for itself with its Autopilot system. Self-driven cars are the future. It might take a decade or two before a car can complete a trip by itself, but it’s not an unimaginable thing.

5. AI can do poetry: Advancements in NLP have led to a weird yet true phenomenon. Artificial Intelligence has become capable of writing poetry. Yes! Many Twitter handles are bots. They are programs coded by a human. They write poetry. This handle creates stories out of nowhere! There are many other AI Twitter bots!

Can Artificial Intelligence take over the world (and by when)?

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. Are we certain that robots will turn against us? Will we ever reach a stage where a robot is capable of doing everything a human can do? Probably not. The human brain is made up of billions of neurons. These neurons connect in complex ways that nobody understands! As of 2021, robots are capable of doing narrow tasks, such as playing chess, cleaning rooms, or driving cars. But for a robot to learn to do everything? That would take the discovery of advanced and complex technology.

It would be a far cry to imagine a world where humans are under the control of robots. But the possibility is not completely ruled out. We should be on the lookout for robots replacing daily jobs. Because that is where it’ll start. First robots will take over sweeping jobs, and then they’ll be delivering food and driving our cars. They will become a normal part of our lives. Then they will become like us. We’ll have robots hiding under human skin. Nobody will know if the stranger walking beside them is a human or a bot!

Machines might take over the world by 2050, or 2137 or 2200. Nobody knows. But there’s one thing we know — robots are the future. And we must prepare for this future!

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