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10 Professions To Keep You Relevant Post The Lockdown

Recently, a report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy stated that a whooping number of approximately 27 million youth between the age group of 20-30 years lost their jobs due to the Covid19 related lockdown. This is essentially the GenZ of the country which had very recently joined the workforce. But this is not where it ends. Economist have stated, that with each phase of the lockdown more than a 100 million jobs are at stake. This comprising almost 70% of the travel and tourism industry.

Learned scholars of the new decade often spoke about ‘jobs of the future’. These were heavily tech based, inclined towards practical nuances and more critical analysis and risk oriented. Modern jobs they were called. The professionals for these jobs were also trained in different way and were supposed to be the bright future of the country.

While this still holds true for a lot of jobs, there has been some change in the dynamics. Thanks to the infamous Coronavirus, the job and employment market has completely changed. In the new normal, jobs will be different. Professions and work ethics are going to be different. Hence, rules will also be different.

So what are going to be the best professions to pursue in a post Covid19 world?

  1. Coding and Web Development: If I was asked one question about the profession of the future. This is what I would say. Coding! While I completely agree that the future post Covid is going to be heavily tech based. Coders are going to be abundantly in demand. With companies moving to an e-model/ digitalized mode of operation, coders and web developers are going to form the backbone of these operations.
  1. Online Teachers: Travel bloggers and remote working professionals are already actively pursuing this profession. It is well paying and follows all the rules of social distancing to the T. With education going digital, there is going to be a stupendous demand for good quality online teachers who can deliver education remotely without the need for physical interactions. As a matter of fact, most educational institutes have already moved to a digitalized model of education during the lockdown.
  1. E-designing: This includes designing of all kind. Graphic designing, web designing and UI/UX designing. With the spurt in demand for websites and sophisticate software for companies going digital, tech savvy and creative designers are going to be the need of the hour.
  1. Artificial Intelligence/ Data Science: Tech based again, but very relevant. AI, Machine learning and virtual reality are the technologies that make robots, voicebots, chatbots possible. With human intervention becoming minimal in a host of activities – there is no doubt a chance that robots may well be running the world.
  1. Digital Marketing: Marketing budgets post Covid19 are definitely going to be slashed. However, digital marketing is going to be the new buzz word for brands in the future. Consider the current trend – even in a lockdown it is the digital marketing companies that are still in business hence, one can most certainly expect the profession to further rise to the level of a mainstream career option.
  1. Influencers: The barriers to entry are minimal. The profession demands a personal touch and literally zero qualifications. Influencers are social media personalities who have attained celebrity status due to their power to ‘influence’ their followers. With digital marketing becoming one of the most sought after professions, influencers having a huge social media following are going to be the most prized possessions of brands. It is rightly said, influencers are the new models, albeit with a greater cost benefit ratio.
  1. Content Writing: The perception of ‘Content is King’ has been doing the rounds from a while. And it is rightly put so. Good quality content is going to be in demand in the coming days to come. In a post Covid world, where companies are going to go digital with their business, content writers to update and maintain the website and create invigorating marketing op-eds are going to be selling like hot cakes.
  1. Crisis Managers: Covid19 is a crisis. And one of the foremost lesson that companies have learnt from this crisis is the need for a permanent team to handle disasters. Disaster management is going to become an integral part of organizations going forward and efficient professionals to manage those disasters are going to be sought after. Crisis managers are essentially communication professionals specializing in crisis management and engagement.
  1. E- retailers: No matter what the level of crisis or calamity. Shopping never goes out of style and so do e-retailers. Small time entrepreneurs selling products through their micro-shops on Instagram and Facebook are going to just grow bigger post Covid19. For one main reason. Post the pandemic anything from an unknown impersonal source is going to be under a vigilant lens. Instagram shops and social media stores regularly engage with their customers and build a personal bond with them, thus providing a personal touch to their services.
  1. Mental Health Experts: Mental health is no longer stigmatized in the society. The Coronavirus pandemic is going to leave a lot of ‘well looking’ individuals with deep rooted mental health issues specifically relating to anxiety and paranoia. Mental health experts are going to be one of the first people with a fully blocked calendar once this ends. Bundled with providing e-services, and we have a winner right there.

This list is not exhaustive, there are actually many more professions that will survive and thrive in post the lockdown ends. Cloud data management specialists, cyber security experts, sustainability management professionals are a few other examples.

The world is going to change. As much as one lives in denial, there is a new normal and we are slowly transitioning into it. This new normal will be heavily digitized and impersonal. There is going to be minimal human interaction and strict adherence to social distancing norms. Hence, professions that can follow these rules and manage to conduct operations seamlessly are the ones going to have their head high in the years to come.


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